Thick Girdle Cubic Zirconia Gemstones China Wholesale Suppliers

Thick Girdle Loose Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Wholesale at factory pricing from China Suppliers and Manufacturers. 

Some of jewelry dealers sell their Gold jewelry by weights, and the gemstone set with the jewelry is one of the part, with the thicker girdle of the CZ Gemstones,  the stones will be heavier than the regular diamond cut Cubic Zirconia Stones. To get smart with your business,  now you can buy the Cubic Zirconia Heavier stones with thicker Girdle from China Suppliers and Wholesale.


We can make the Thick Girdle Cubic Zirconia gemstones in 10% -50% thicker than normal round CZ Stones.

Besides, we can also supply the custom higher Cubic Zirconia Gemstones.

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Heat resistance Polished tumbled crushed created opal China Suppliers

Heat resistance Polished tumbled crushed created opal Gemstones China Suppliers and Manufacturers. 

If you need the heating for the Opal Gemstones, you’re come to the right pricing, Our Created Opal Gemstones can withstand a high temperature. It’s no problem for the casting, and it’s the best choice for the glass art designs.

Polished-tumbled-heat-resistance-opal-glassware-crushed-created-opal-China-SuppliersHeat-resistance-Synthetic-opal-Polished-tumbled-crushed-created-opal-China-SuppliersHeat-resistance-Polished-tumbled-crushed-created-opal-China-SuppliersCreated-Opal-(Resin Free-Heat Resistance)Created-Opal-China-Wholesale

We also supply high quality of Synthetic Opal Cabochon Gems, Synthetic Opal Beads, and Synthetic Opal stones in Faceted cut.

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Pink Color Cubic Zirconia Heart shape Gemstones wholesale

Pink Color Cubic Zirconia Heart shape Gemstones Wholesale at factory direct pricing from China Manufacturers & Suppliers 

Pink color is cute, and one of the Girl’s favorite color, The Pink Color Cubic Zirconia Heart shape gemstones will give you jewelry designs more attractive for the girls.


Pink Color Cubic Zirconia heart shape

At FU RONG GEMS, you can buy high quality of Pink Color Cubic Zirconia Heart shape gemstones at wholesale pricing directly from China.

Sizes available: 3x3mm -20x20mm.

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We also deal with Synthetic Corundum Gemstones at very favorable pricing.  Other Synthetic Gemstones you May be interested:

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Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale from China Suppliers and Manufacturers.


Milky Cubic Zirconia Cabochon China Suppliers and Wholesale


Smooth Cabochon Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones:
Smooth Cabochon Can be made in Round, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart and Cushion Shapes.
Colors: All colors can be made.

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